Christ came to give us freedom,
He stayed on the cross in my place,
In His Liberty we are to tell others,
And share His Love and Grace.

Help me Lord to be bold for You,
As I share with others Your Holy Word,
Use me Lord as I witness each day,
So the lost will surely be stirred.

No matter what trial you face today,
The Saviour will guide your pathway,
Jesus is waiting at your hearts door,
To receive and love you forever more.

I'm happy I know of Jesus Love,
I thank Him for all He did for me,
One day I'll sit on higher ground,
And hear the Angels sweetest sound.

My Liberty has rescued me,
He is my Love, my Life each day,
For He has set me free,
Now all my days, I'll give Him praise.

Bernice Ward ©2009

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