If I feel no one listens to the words I write
God is always with me to guide me into right
For I am created and made in His image
He sees me with His sight.

When someone tells me I am not important
I go to God for comfort,
For He gives me love
If I cry or feel not wanted
I know God wants me in His Kingdom up above.

I so love The Lord, for He is my everything
When God created me, He blessed me to see
I was not a mistake,
I am here to help those like me.

When the stars shine at different times
It is God's way of telling me to be still and listen
If you have God in your soul
You will go to Heaven and be at peace,
Life is a test, God has given you
If you can give your heart
Answer someone's call.

If you can be of use in God's plan
Then you will be remembered
It is The Glory of God that makes a person whole.
I so love God the Creator of life
He knows all things,
And draws apart to weep with your heart
You are His work of art.

© 2004 Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

God is everywhere.
He sees all things
and can answer all questions.

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