Celebrate Life

Celebrate your life every day
There's so much for you to live for
Be grateful of all that you have acquired
Don't crave for anything more.

You've been blessed by the Lord up above
Just look at what He has given to you
Your life you need to celebrate
Why not start this year anew.
Thank the Lord for your very life
Thank Him for answering all your needs
Rid yourself of all the clutter
Rid yourself of all the greed.

Celebrate your life every day
There's so much out there to be found
There's the beauty of the soul and mind
Just open your eyes, it's all around.
Nurture your talents one-by-one
Hone in on your special gift
Every person has one you know
Each soul does need this lift.

The Lord created many wondrous things
You are a prime example of this
With your heart and soul just reach right out
Show another person there is true bliss.
Celebrate your life every day
Savor the existence of it all
Live your life like the Lord intended
You'll be ready when He comes to call.

© 2006 Chee Chee Martin

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