Jesus, shine Thy light that we may see
Thy truth divine and love so free
Take away all doubt and sin
Open our hearts and enter in.

Help us live our life as it should be
As we walk in faith with Thee
Take our will and make it Thine
Guide us Jesus, with grace divine.

Jesus, shine Thy light so we will know
This is the path on which we go
Keeping our trust in Thee each day
Climbing toward Thy light all the way.

One day heaven's gates will open wide
And Jesus will be waiting for us inside
His beautiful light led to this holy place
Jesus will smile as we meet face to face.

Glenna M. Baugh ©2005
Living by Faith

"Jesus is the only light
this world can depend on"
~Quote by Glenna~

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Jesus, shine Thy light written by Glenna M. Baugh with love and brought to you from

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