In Jesus' Light

In Jesus' light I pray
That in His loving way,
He will let me live my life
Another precious day.
I will not shed more tears
Or look for the rain,
For I am in Jesus' light
I call His lovely name.

When I see through every color
My Jesus has made,
I am glad I was born
In the image He gave.
I hold Him so close
As I sleep in my bed,
When I feel His arms touch me
I have nothing to dread.
In Jesus Light
For Jesus is the Master poet
He colors the world and the sky,
With His glorious paint
He is giving and kind.
When I write
He tells me what to say,
In my soul Jesus lives
He is mine every day.

I have friends who will love me
People I don't know who care,
I may be in the middle of life
Yet my life has been full,
In Jesus' perfect light
I will ever move.

© 2005 Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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