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Guided By the Light

Born unto a world of sin, I'd grown evil in my ways,
And Satan's hand did guide me, Through the sorrow of my days.
It seemed there would never be an end, To my suffering and solitude,
Joy was always just out of sight, And happiness eludes.
My soul cried out for leaven, For my soul had failed to rise,
Sorrows clung to my broken heart, And teardrops filled my eyes.
My days were filled with sorrow, My nights were filled with dread.
My pain had become unbearable, And I wished that I were dead.

Then one night I went walking, Contemplating my demise,
When off in the distance I heard singing, And a flicker caught my eye.
As I proceeded forward, The flicker became light,
That seemed to beck and call to me, From the darkness of the night.
The light and song intrigued me, So I set myself to search.
And found myself standing, At the window of a Church.
As I peered through the window, At happy faces all aglow,
I knew that I'd found something special, But just what I did not know.
So I slipped into the doorway, Took a seat beside a man, Who whispered,
"Good to see you, glad you came", Then he smiled and shook my hand.
As I sat there in that crowd of strangers, And listened to their songs,
I felt a sense of love and peace, And I felt that I belonged.
Then the preacher started talking, About a man from Galilee,
Who could turn water into wine, And could walk upon the sea.
He said He was the Son of God, And that Jesus was His name,
He said He made the dead arise, And that He healed the blind and lame.

Then he said this man named Jesus, Was arrested, bound, and tried,
And although He committed no offenses, He was sentenced to be crucified.
He said they shoved a crown of thorns on His head, And took Him to a public place,
Where they beat Him with whips tipped with wire and bone, And spat into His face.
He said they nailed this man named Jesus, To a cross at Calvary.
Then this preacher looked me square in the eye, And said Jesus did it all for me.
He said Jesus died upon that cross, To bring salvation to mortal men,
And that I could be forgiven, For all of my terrible sins.

He said all it took was a simple prayer, To ask Jesus into my life,
And with the blood that He shed upon the cross, He would wash away my sins and strife.
When he gave the invitation, I stepped out into the aisle,
And walked to the preacher who was waiting for me,
With open arms and beaming smile,
HE KNELT WITH ME AT THE ALTER, As I prayed the sinners prayer,
And I felt the grace and love of God,
Replace hopelessness, and despair.

I felt the mighty hand of Jesus, As He cleansed my sinful soul,
I felt endless peace, and incredible joy, As He welcomed me to His fold.
Then I realized that I was weeping,I couldn't stop the tears that flowed,
I wept bitter tears for a sinful past, And sweet tears of a salvaged soul.
I'll never forget the blessed events, That occurred on that faithful night,
When through the darkness of my pain, I was guided by the light.

copyright 1998 Calvin Hart All Rights Reserved

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