Listen To The Lake.......
Listen To The Lake.......

Come, rise upon the dawn
And open wide the door,
For the misty lake is calling-
Calling us to more.

Don your nice warm jacket
Come running down the steps
Oh, bring your pretty parasol
Just in case it might be wet.

I have a picnic basket
Just come, anticipate,
It's time for us to listen
Hearken to the lake.

We'll untie the little boat
(Careful, lest we fall)
And settle in most comfortably
And I will take each oar.

Find places for our things
Then rest upon the stern
And we'll row around the lake
To see what we can learn.

The swans will skim on by
Calm and pure and wise,
They already know the secrets
And from the wonder rise.

Run your fingers through the coolness
And feel the current there,
The movement of the wavelets
And the reeds that you ensnare.

Ponder how the water ripples,
How fluid matter moves,
Then settles as a mirror
Ponder how it soothes.

Watch the wind upon it
Giving it new life,
Filing it with oxygen
Through day and dark of night.

Let it whisper and reveal
Of our God who made it so
How it nourishes and feeds
As it gently ebbs and flows.

Let it whisper of God's words
That wash and cleanse our soul
Let it tell us of God's love
That makes our spirit whole.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © June 2011
Poetry from the Heart

He sends His word and melts them;
He stirs up his breezes, and the waters flow.
Psalm 147:18

The words of a manís mouth are deep waters,
but the fountain of wisdom is a bubbling brook.
Proverbs 18:4

...Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her
to make her holy, cleansing her
by the washing with water through the Word.
Ephesians 5:25-27

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