Art  George Kovach

Listen To The River......

Listen to the river
Bubbling o'er your soul,
Telling a life story,
Listen to its call.

A river has beginnings,
Yet never has an end,
What lies there in-between,
What tiding does it send.

Listen to the river,
How it freely winds and twists,
Moving only onwards
To where it shall exist.

Its start is very small,
Collecting as it goes,
Giving nourishment, refreshment,
Everywhere it flows.

Listen to the river,
Nothing halts its path,
Over rocks and vales it courses,
Goodness to impart.

Hear it murmur softly,
No need now to be sad.
Bubbling up and over,
God made us to be glad

Keep within the confines,
Gentleness will please,
Churning, swirling flood
Will never be received.

Listen to the river
Safe within the banks,
Follow on the pathway,
For sweet cleansing thanked.

Slow before the ending,
Ponder 'till you're free,
Spreading love e'er wider,
Approaches, endless sea.

Listen to the river
Reflecting beauty known,
Hearken to its whispers
Wending sweetly home.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Aug 2010
Poetry from the Heart

Listen to the river
Bubbling over all,
Hear it gently murmer
The love of God forevermore.

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