Let Us Live Forever After......

Let Us Live Forever After......

Let us begin
By always living forever after
We will dream happy thoughts
Never to part

Together we will see
A happy end is all we need
Let us live our own romantic dream
Then everytime we meet alone
Our hearts and hands
Will hold us close

Let us live forever after
This is our favorite place to be
You and me always in love
See the golden castle up ahead
You pick me up and carry me
I see how your eyes shine
Only for me
With love all the night through

In the morning when we wake
We look out at the kingdom
All we see is an ocean of diamonds
You turn me in your arms
I feel we have wings to fly
We look at the world, as we kiss
That is how we know
We will live forever, as happy as this

Linda Ann Henry © 2008
Do You Remember Me
The Peoples Poet

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