Our Redeemer Lives

Our redeemer lives,
In His word shows the love that He freely gives
I'm gonna' get under the spout
Where the glory of the Lord pours out

Come one, come all for your salvation
In His word you'll receive revelation
Prophetic messages shall many receive
Open thine ears and heart to believe

Let the joy of the Lord abound
For there is Glory all around
There's gonna' be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit
Our Lord wants us one and all to receive it

We're coming upon the 100th. year anniversary
Of the Azusa Street Pentecostal revival of victory
I get so excited for this upcoming move
Where the Lord pours His Spirit out on me and you

Many gifts He has promised to give us
Let us glorify our precious Lord Jesus
All other joy pales to the Joy Of The Lord
For this I feel whilst reading His word

Our redeemer lives and is watching to see
The light of the world shining in you and me
Come one, come all that we might receive
The gifts He has promised if we only believe.

© 2006 Pastor Linda Begley


Luke 24:34-36 (KJV)
Saying, The Lord is risen indeed,
and hath appeared to Simon.
And they told what things
were done in the way,
and how he was known
of them in breaking of bread.
And as they thus spake,
Jesus himself stood in
the midst of them,
and saith unto them,
Peace be unto you.


Christ the Lord is risen today!


May the resurrection
of our Lord, Jesus Christ,
fill you with joy
this blessed Easter season!

Happy Easter!

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©Art used with permission from
Greg Olsen