~Love Of My Heart~

Love of my heart, Dear Jesus I pray
Help me through life, the rest of my days
Lead me to Heaven, put hope in my soul
Be all my life and all of my goal

Love of my heart, You keep me in You
And grant me the hope, I need to be true
Safe in Thy mercy, take all that I am
I remember I'm kept, held in Your hand

Love of my heart, Dear Jesus I pray
You paid my price, so I may be saved
Every tear I cry, is sent up to Thee
Where I'll live with You.... eternally


Linda Ann Henry ŠApril 2012
Do you remember me
The peoples's poet

His name is Jesus
He is the Anointed One
He wants to heal your body
If you'll just touch Him
He'll Lift your burdens
He'll set you free
Just reach out right now
Act on your faith in Him

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