A Long Lonely road

Do you ever get the feeling
The road you are traveling on
Is a lonely deserted highway
And you feel all alone

Does this road seem more rugged
As each day passes slowly by
And you are not getting anywhere
No matter how hard you try

Do curves becomes more twisted
The hills seem more steep
That you feel such a weakness
You just want to stop and weep

Suddenly you know you must not give up
Pray for someone to travel with you
Along this rough and rugged road
Whose strength will help you through

Now the road seems so much smoother
And all hills are easier to climb
The curves are not too twisted
For someone to unwind

The name of this someone is Jesus
Ask, and He will be your best friend
Give Him your hand to guide you
You will never travel alone again

Glenna M. Baugh © 4-7-08
Living by Faith

"Jesus makes a wonderful
traveling companion"
~Quote by Glenna~

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