Have You Waited To Long

Have you waited too long to open the door to your heart
Or has it become just as hard as any stone
God has been knocking outside, for oh so long
Have you closed the door too often or
Have You Waited Too Long

Its bad - and oh so sad, when a dear one is called
We cry not for a saved one, but for the lost
Because God in his wisdom sometimes takes one so dear
And we question, Why God
We loved him so much down here

So often we can't understand the wisdom of His plan
But then who are we, to question this man
He is God, who foresees all our years and He knows what's best
for us left down here

Don't wait too late to undo all the wrong
Don't wait too late to let Him in
Our Lord died upon the Cross for all our sin
Don't leave Him there Standing,
won't you please just Open the Door and Let Jesus In

Inspirational poetry from
Gayle's Garden
© 2005 used with permission
Gayle Alatia

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