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Their Long Time Love

She probably takes him for granted
Much more than she should
She probably don't appreciate
All his aptitudes that are good
After so many years together
Excitement and romance has cooled
But the special love between them
Is number one and has ruled.

He has always been there for her
Through good times and the bad
They rejoice together in happy times
Dry tears together during the sad
Many roads together they have traveled
Steep hills they have had to climb
They share everything together
They are no longer in their prime

He came to her many years ago
When she knew not where to turn
He rescued her from many trials
Her happiness became his concern
The road may now be nearing
The closing of their life's door
They still travel onward together
With a wondrous rapport

She still recalls in memory sweet
The passions they have shared
In fantasy it is still with her
None other has ever compared
When they look deeply into
Each others loving eyes
He is still her special someone
From this nothing can demise

Young wings strong and steady
For the journey through the sky
They are preparing for the exit
When leaving this earth by and by
They shall have no regrets as they go
They have kept the vows they made
Standing by each other faithfully
As into the past they will fade

Norma Duncan © 2006

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