Look at me Mom

Look at me Mom:
At the bruises that's new;
From the man that you love;
He wants me to call him Dad too;
Look at me Mom...

Look at me Mom;
Can't you see all the tears;
I cry most of the time;
Cause this man makes me fear;
Look at me Mom...
Look at me Mom;
Can't you hear him curse me;
Cause who I must be;
Look at me Mom...

Look at me Mom;
At the plea in my eyes;
And I cringe from his touch;
When he whispers his lies;
Look at me Mom...
Look at me Mom;
When he hurts me real bad;
Can't you see just how sad;
Or are you hearing my screams
Cause he gives me bad dreams;
Look at me Mom...

Look at me Mom;
As he says I'm not loved;
And he's pushed and he's shoved;
As things go against his will;
And he threatens to kill;
Look at me Mom...
Look at me Mom;
I have silence for ears;
I can't feel your touch;
I can no longer hear;
How you love me so much;
Look at me Mom...

Look at me Mom;
Look at my face;
You won't find a trace;
Of life in these eyes;
As you say your goodbyes;
Yes, look at me Mom...

© 2004
Vessie Lou Horton published byAlighthouse.com
This poem may be used in an e-mail
provided you include the Authors name and this Web-Site address
along with the National Child Abuse Hot line paragraphs,
written by misty@alighthouse.com

Notice;National Child Abuse Hot line
Call this number for help if you have
been abused, suspect a child or teenager
is being sexually abused, or if you are an abuser.

There are thousands of kids out there that have been abused and you can help. This poem really sheds the light on Child abuse in our society whether it be sexual, physical, verbal or emotional. Can you imagine the victims feeling frightened and lonely? The psychological effects it leaves in a Childs mind may last a lifetime and is heartbreaking. You could help by sending this page along.

Please Pray daily for child abuse to wither out and pray for the safety of our youth. Please remember to forward this page, if you are *~*~*AGAINST CHILD ABUSE *~*~*

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