Thy Word Oh Lord

Thy Word oh Lord... is
A lamp unto our feet.
It guides us through
The storms of life,
And down the darkened street.
Thy Word oh Lord... is our wisdom
When man's wisdom does not know.
You tell us where we should turn,
Then You tell us when to go.
Thy Word oh Lord... is our
Strength to get us through each day.
It is the comfort that we need
From trials along our way.
Thy Word oh Lord... is our
Hope in all that is to come.
It is the map to guide us on
To be with Thine own Son.
Thy Word oh Lord... is our
Bread for each and every day.
It is the food that we eat
And our light along the way.
It is the Living water in the
Dry and thirsty land.
It is the only foundation on
Which we truly stand.
Thy Word oh Lord... it is
All these things and more.
'Tis all we need to keep us safe
And keep salvation's gift secure.
Thy Word oh Lord...
Where would we be if You had not come?
You first laid down upon the cross,
Then cried "Thy will be done."
And then You rose to overcome
The fate that befalls man.
Leaving us Thy Holy Word
To spell out to us... Your plan.
Thy Word oh Lord...
Has shown to us how You lived
And also how You died.
And critic's cannot change this
No matter how they've tried.
We give You thanks with our lives,
And in the prayers You've heard.
Not only did You give Your life,
But then You gave Your Word.

© 2000 Wanda LaCasse

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