My Precious Lord....

Lord, here is your child on bended knee
I'm in another storm, I need your strength
Jesus whispers, "Child" I'm sitting near by,
I know your hurt, I hear your hearts cry.

Precious Lord, help me be strong
To trust You, now as I drive along,
Lord, I feel your presence, O so real,
My love for you no tongue can tell.

Jesus says, I'm in your storm, I understand
I'm with you, hold onto my hand;
You are my Child, I love you so,
I'll journey along with you as you go.

Don't fear my child, I'll see you through
That's why I gave my life for you.
Just roll on me, Your every care,
I'm sitting by, I'll catch your tears.

I thank you Jesus for all you've done
You are my strength, I'm never alone.
As You opened the rock and water came out,
For all You've done, I will continue to shout.

"Prayer warriors", called out to You in prayer
You saw our hurt and drove our fears.
You said to trust, I'll take your load,
For You walk with us, along life's road.

How can I thank all my friends so dear
They lifted us to God's throne in prayer,
God listened as each one spoke our name,
Hug them, "Jesus, I love each one the same."

Bernice Ward © 2005

Matthew 21:22 (KJV)
And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask
in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

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