Lord, I Love You ..........

Lord, I love You,
Yes, this is true,
As everything wonderful
I have in You..

Everything perfect,
Everything of love,
Every timeless treasure
From heaven above,

Every joy, every bliss,
Every smile, every song,
Every mountain high,
Every field stretching long,

Every baby giggling,
Every motherís embrace,
Every beautiful blessing,
Every glorious grace.

Yes, Lord, I love You,
You are my everything;
I rejoice in Your presence,
In blessings You bring.

With one, with all,
Your gifts I will share,
Singing of Your joy
Rich beyond compare,

Speaking of Your love
Spanning all eternity,
Telling of all
You have done for me,

Dancing delightfully
In every field stretching long,
While my eyes smile
With joyful song,

Singing of You,
Of Your eternal love,
Of Your every treasure
From heaven above...

Yes, Jesus, I love You,
O, this is true,
As everything wonderful
I have in You!

©Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

Psalm 18:1
"I love you, O LORD, my strength."

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