Lord of My Life......


From God to Us....

Lord of my life,
My Jesus, I crown You,
Lord of my life
In all I say and do.

Lord of my speech,
Of every word I say;
Lord of my steps,
Each one on my way.

Lord of my thoughts,
Of everything in mind;
Lord of my heart,
Make it humble and kind.

Lord of my song,
Of You may it sing;
Lord of my soul,
To You joy may it bring.

Lord of lords, Kings of kings,
Most surely You are,
Higher than the sun,
Than every bright star.

Yes, I crown You,
As You are Lord of me;
I offer You my life,
All I am, all I will be.

Surely the sweetest bliss
Is for You to live;
The richest gift
Is to You all things give.

I rejoice You are Lord
Of every word I say;
I delight in following You
Each step of Your way.

You are forever Lord
In all I say and do;
Yes, Lord of my life,
My Jesus, I crown You.

Caroline Gavin ŠJuly 2013
Purposeful Pathway

Romans 10:9
Because, if you confess with
your mouth that Jesus is Lord
and believe in your heart that
God raised him from the dead,
you will be saved.

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