Sometimes I wonder why I go on
There's so much I hate in this life
Taking up space in a continual rat race
Among all this war and strife.
I sometimes wish I was blind
There's so much ugliness all around
I don't want to see, don't want to be me
Is there a better place to be found?
Such beautiful music to be heard
Yet I refuse to hear
The angels singing, church bells ringing
Loved ones that are so near.
I seem to be confused and lost
Am I worthy of your love?
Destined to fall, not hear the call
Of our Savior up above.
Can you save this wretched soul of mine?
Can you guide me to the light?
Help me to see, set me free
Make everything be all right.
I need someone to understand
Someone to touch my heart
Show they care, make me aware
A new life I can start.
So many questions I have for you
But you say to check out the Book
Read His word, then I'll be cured
All I have to do is look.
Things are starting to become quite clear
I think I've found my way
To salvation, no longer damnation
To the Lord I will start to pray.

© 2006Chee Chee Martin
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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