~Come Walk With Me ~

Come walk with me another day
Come my darling, in my arms to stay

Let me whisper in your ear
Love songs and secret games
To stay and roam the meadows green
To where we run and venture
In getting lost

Soft and gracious our hearts agree
to touch the tender side of each
Our souls will probe to the core
Like the turf upon the shore

I gaze upon your skin so pale
Heaven shows within your smile
A kiss brings promise in the wind
And then we look...
With youthful grins

Come walk with me another day
Amongst the sounds of natures noise
Through the meadow and to the shore
The beauty priceless and artwork galore

But nothing compares to the image you are
Like your eyes so blue
You're my brightest star

So come walk along and grace me a while
With beams from paradise
Shining clearly tonight

Come walk with me beyond the breeze
And come to me with fresh desire.

Renew our love and confide again
In the wonder of the moment
To always shelter the other
When life is fraught with evil
I'll be your angel

Walking together, the sky our guide
With peace and pride
Always on our side

I Love You

© 2008 Janet Ford ~aka~girlsisy

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