Time Slips Away

I was your bee bop baby, I loved you a lot
We often went to our favorite spot
We'd dance to the tunes of the nifty fiftys
We always needed to be thrifty

I cared for you, I cared for you
You were so much a part of me
We were crazy happy, yes we were
Happy days they would always be

You loved me, you loved me true
You make my days brighter
Life was complete when with you
My burdens all seemed lighter

I needed you then, I'd needed you ever
You were the right one for me
Love would never leave, no never
We would always live happily

I wanted you, really wanted you
Every day, every way every night
The thril we felt, was crazy happy
Our love seemed wonderful and right

As long as there is a universe
And birds sing out their song
I'd be yours, no need to search
Our love would remain strong

Yes, I was your bee bop baby, I loved you a lot
We often went down to our favorite spot
We'd dance and dance to the break of day
Listen to our favorites as they continued to play

Oh ain't it funny how time slips away so fast
We both somehow went our separate ways
We each married another and moved far
Memories have remained all our days

Norma Duncan ~aka~Mistymaiden ©2009
Starlite Cafe

Walk with me so God can see, You now mean all the world to me... I love you........


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