~Always In Love~

When my wonderful Private Prince
is with me, it's a holiday even if it's not.
The way we make love to each other
creates flowing passions wild and hot.

This connection soon lights our fires
the flames of love ignites and explodes.
We become one within a lovers creed
fulfilling desires with dual episodes.

Afterglow remains the rest of the day
keeping us afloat on a heavenly cloud.
We are now happy because of our love
and the pleasures we have allowed.

In difficult times, life is cruel and unfair
we help each other carry the heavy load.
When making love, hate leaves the world
life is special with blessings bestowed.

Till the end of time, and time will be no more
our love will continue to be our constant stand.
Side by side each and every day you'll find us
always together in love walking hand in hand.

Norma Duncan ~aka~Mistymaiden © 11-02-08
Starlite Cafe

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