~Long Lasting Relationships~

The seesaw of ups and downs keep moving
toward essence of life with it improving.
Pausing to gather thoughts that impart
reaching out with love within the heart.

Lifetime of successes, many failures too
keeps us steadfast, anchored and true.
Together we can reach the golden years
survive though disappointments and tears.

Within abides memories of life's juggles
many times there are only the struggles.
Trying to make ends meet in difficult times
it seemed impossible to earn nickles and dimes.

Don't give up on each other when in doubt
keep on trying to learn what love is about.
Know it is not always wine and roses of red
it is not just the romance of lovers in bed.

Marriage and love is having food on the table
going to work, paying bills, remaining stable.
Needs not always fulfilled to your satisfaction
sometimes not very happy with the reaction.

Never living in a cloud of fantasy and fiction
often wishing for more love words in diction.
You can do better and pay more attention
hold down the negative destructive tension.

Stand by each other through thick and thin
give in a little don't always expect to win.
A relationship can last until death do you part
always work together, there's no one fits all chart.

Realities of love cannot ever be compared to
the love novel you were reading or movie you view.
Each relationship is different, special in it's own way
you're the real actor, be what you want it to protray.

Norma Duncan ~aka~Mistymaiden ©2009
Starlite Cafe

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