~About Love~

I can write of love in it's fairy tale form
Or I can write of love in reality's norm
I like to write of love with fantasy's flair
With dreams of a lover's snare.

Bits and pieces of a true lover's creed
Fulfilling every aspect of their need.
Combining daily chores and tasks
With bliss of love in which they bask.

Love covers a multitude of sins they say
Should always be faithful in every way
Through sickness and health, good and bad
Sharing the happy days along with the sad.

Love isn't always a straight narrow path
Sometimes it's mixed with a little wrath
Each day a new and exciting beginning
Perhaps leaving our heads spinning.

Love is mysterious and never ending
Combined with blessings blending
Seething with emotions often raging
Filled with laughter and tears engaging

Norma Duncan ~aka~Mistymaiden ©2009
Starlite Cafe

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