~What Are The Answers~

Would the sky
miss the stars
if they didn't
come out at night?
Would the rivers
miss the fish
if they all suddenly
took flight?

Would we miss
the sun if
it's sunlight
could not shine?
Would the moon miss
the moonlight
if it's beams
were to decline?

Same answer as:'Do I Miss You?'

Do the birds need
their wings
as they soar
through the sky?
Do babies need
the bottle
when they
pucker up and cry?

Does a cluster of
grapes need
to climb
upon a grapevine?
Does a winemaker
grapes to
make wine?

Same answer as, 'Do I Need You?'

Do mothers love
their children
when they tuck
them in at night?
Does one lover
love the other
when they hold
each other tight?

Does the Heavenly
love all His
children the same?
Does the Bible tell the truth
with it's wisdom to

Same answer as: 'Do I love you?'

Do the flowers
want the rain
when they're
and dry?
Do we all want
some money
when there's
to buy?
Same answer as: 'Do I want you?'

Put them all
as each day
comes to a close
I miss, need, love
and want you
and it just
grows and grows.

I Love You

Norma Duncan ~aka~Mistymaiden ©2009
Starlite Cafe

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