A Butterfly's Love

I see a falling star
If I hold my breath and let it out slow
A butterfly's love is a love I want to know
Can I fly through the sky and Heaven too
Will God grant me my wish
To touch my wings and be with you

A butterfly is waiting for me
I will meet you in the trees
I have spent my life
To spread my wings and fly
To be one with nature
Never to die
I live my life with a butterfly's love
The moon and ocean, a drop of wine
It does not matter, with you I stand
Let us touch the earth with our hands
I can fly on my own but you are in my eyes
A butterfly's love, given a heart
Together our wings could never part

Look over the gardens, the apples and pine
We see the world, in a very short time
You are beautiful with your colored wings
I see myself in the lake, what a lovely thing
Remember I love you, so keep close to me
Butterfly love and kisses too
We fly, as God meant us to.

© 2005Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

I love you!

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