Nothing Lovelier than My Lord  ......

Nothing is lovelier,
Lord, than You,
Nothing is lovelier,
Yes, itís true:

No flower blooming,
No bright morning sky,
No majestic mountain,
No bird on high,

No glorious sunrise,
No river flowing,
No sparkling snowflake,
No star glowing,

No laughter, no smile,
No baby to be born,
No lush summer garden,
No dew drops of morn.

No, nothing is lovelier,
My Lord, than You,
You are love in all I see,
Love in all I do.

I ask then, Jesus,
To be always with me;
Live here in my heart
For all eternity.

And let me also
In Your heart abide,
Allow me to travel
By Your lovely side.

For You are lovelier
Than every morning sky,
Every majestic mountain,
Every bird on high.

Yes, nothing is lovelier,
My Lord, than You,
For You Yourself are Love
Timeless and true!

Caroline Gavin ©Nov. 2013
Purposeful Pathway

1 John 4:8
"Whoever does not love does
not know God, because God is love."

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