Love Lives Here....
Love Lives Here....

A home is where the heart belongs
As it is surely drawn
A heart will always feel at home
Where peals a loving call
To where the goodness lingers
And love is at it's best
For, there the heart's at home
As, there it takes it's rest
A home, is where the heart's content
Where one can feel secure
Nestled there within the goodness
Of all that is most pure
Exclusively, where peace resides;
In God's eternal heart
Because of all that Jesus is
The salvation He imparts
No other sanctuary is safe
All else will disappear
Every cabin, earthly memory
Can never be so dear
For hearts can only find their home
Where there is permanence
The lasting love is in the Friend
Where all is ever blessed

Soft forever whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

Sheltered on His loving breast,
we find pardon, peace and rest
Now there is no sting in death, Jesus Lord..
The One on whom all life depends

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