Love, Love, Love..........

Child, why do
Tears brim in your eye?
Tell Me why
In your heart you sigh?

Why do you let
These pains ever sting?
Why do you not
Give Me everything?

Look up, little one,
Look up now at Me,
For then how to love
You will clearly see.

When you are injured,
Choose then to love,
When you are hurt,
Set your eyes above,

When you are betrayed,
Love all the more,
When you are maligned,
Let your love pour,

When you are angry,
Let love be your release,
When you are upset,
Let love be your peace.

Yes, precious child,
Love to you I teach,
All the riches of My love
Are within your reach.

I promise to share
All that is Mine,
To love as I love
Is delightful and divine.

So let your heart
Be happy and light,
Let My love
Shine into your night,

Let Me shower
My riches of gold,
Let Me share with you
My secrets untold,

Let Me transform
Your winter into spring,
Let Me give you
My endless blessing...

Yes, let Me turn
To blue your gray sky..
Let love, love, love
Shine forever in your eye!

Caroline Gavin ŠJuly 2014
Purposeful Pathway

Matthew 5:44
"But I tell you, love your enemies
and pray for those who persecute you."

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