~ Love's Blanket ~

The night is still, the darkness hushed
Love, hovers in the air,
I feel your movement, close
Your heart is mine to bear.

No words we utter, silence
For thick the feeling lays,
Love wraps us in a blanket
There are no words to say.

For sound can be distraction
When love is true and sweet,
Words can dampen silence
When thoughts are dancing free.

You need not say, I love you
I feel your heartbeat, soft,
Soft and fast and tender
It carries me aloft.

You need not murmer, whispers
I know you care for me,
I watch your eyes drop gently
The love in you I see.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems ©Nov 2011
Poetry from The Heart

God gave us love
His love we have to keep
~Blossoms ~

Feelings- thick like the night,
envelope the senses.
Janice Montgomery ©2011

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