Love so Vast........

As the waters splash
In the waves of the blue sea,
As the sun does rise
Ever so gracefully,

As the horizon glows,
Shining with a new morn,
I feel Your presence here,
My joys are reborn.

O, how small I am,
Before this ocean vast,
Aware all the more
Of You, First and Last.

Immeasurable the expanse
Of the sky above,
Yet far vaster is the length
Of Your eternal love.

Great are the mountains
That stretch to the sky,
Yet far greater is the love
From You, Most High.

Sweet are the songs
Of the birds as the sing,
Yet far sweeter is Your love,
My Jesus, my King.

I rejoice in Your love,
Love so vast and so great,
I bask in light You shine
Upon all You create.

In response to this love,
What else can I but do
Than to offer all I am
Forever and always to You.

© Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway


Ephesians 3:18
may have power, together
with all the Lordís holy people,
to grasp how wide and long and
high and deep is the love of Christ,


May God's glorious blessings
abound ALWAYS to you!

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