His loving touch so kind and gentle
He has so much love for you and me
Everyone is blessed with an angel
To guide and protect us so softly

We have many choices in life's way
Some do live by the Bible everyday
Others do their will and go astray
Are we willing to meet Him halfway
His road may not be of our choosing
When we learn His will not ours does win
Once we stop sinning and fumbling
We start over and try to begin

Our Divine Spirit has forgiven
He has so much love for you and me
Our free will and being just human
It all started way back in Eden
All we need do is just say a prayer
Our loving Father forgives us true
Respect His Commandments and treasure
All He has given, died for us too

Remember your upbringing and try
That is all He asks for us to do
He has so much love you can't deny
Start over again and love Him too.

© 2005 Joyce Ann Geyer

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Art used with permission
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