Luke 8:30-40 (KJV)
And Jesus asked him, saying , What is thy name? And he said,
Legion: because many devils were entered into him.

[31] And they besought him that he would not
command them to go out into the deep.

[32] And there was there an herd of many swine feeding
on the mountain: and they besought him that he would
suffer them to enter into them. And he suffered them.

[33] Then went the devils out of the man, and entered
into the swine: and the herd ran violently down a
steep place into the lake, and were choked.

[34] When they that fed them saw what was done,
they fled , and went and told it in the city
and in the country.

[35] Then they went out to see what was done;
and came to Jesus, and found the man, out of whom
the devils were departed , sitting at the
feet of Jesus, clothed , and in his right mind:
and they were afraid.

[36] They also which saw it told them by what
means he that was possessed of the devils was healed.

[37] Then the whole multitude of the country of
the Gadarenes round about besought him to
depart from them; for they were taken with great fear:
and he went up into the ship, and returned back again.

[38] Now the man out of whom the devils were departed
besought him that he might be with him:
but Jesus sent him away , saying,

[39] Return to thine own house, and shew how great things
God hath done unto thee. And he went his way,
and published throughout the whole city how
great things Jesus had done unto him.

[40] And it came to pass , that, when Jesus was returned,
the people gladly received him: for they were all waiting for him.


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