Roses For Mama written by Gayle Alatia with love..................
Roses For Mama.........
Today, I picked roses for Mama,
Oh how she loved them so
She planted them oh so carefully
and Waited patiently for them to grow.
As the summer approached,the blooms burst forth
into vibrant Colors of white, yellow, pink and red
and nothing on earth was prettier, than Mama's flower bed.

The roses seemed to multiply
And put forth more and more beautiful blooms
As the years passed by, Mama was so very proud of her roses,
She would give them to all in the neighborhood,
As they admired them over and over each year

Her roses are still blooming,
We care for them as if she were still here
I venture to say she would have taken them with her to heaven
On that bright sunny day if only she could.

I can just imagine her delight
When she walked thru the garden up there
And saw the beauty of God's flower bed,
All bursting forth with colors of white, yellow, pink and red.
Yes, they were there waiting for her to take care of,
there in the garden in the Master's flower bed.

This is dedicated to my Grandmother
who had roses surrounding our home when I was a child.
So many fond memories of days gone by.
I hope you enjoy the poem.
Love, Gayle

Gayle Alatia © 2005

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