The Blind Man

Everybody's Talkin' about Jesus
how He healed the blind man
As He walked down the dusty road
He heard him crying... and crying.... crying
Never in a million years
had it ever been done before
He just reached down and touched
his eyes and healed the blind man.
Now everybody's talkin' about Jesus
the man they call the Messiah the man they call the Messiah
how He fed the 5000
on a grassy hill, for they were hungry
and crying.... crying
and never in a million years
had it ever been done before
as they passed out the bread
and the fish, they were talking about Jesus.

Now the blind man stood there watching,
this miracle of miracle's
The site before his eyes
was to wonderful to comprehend
Now I think I understand,
how his life is worth living again
Everyone was feeling so good,
they were talking about Jesus.

Now everybody's talking about Jesus
and His glorious rising
how He hung on that cross and the people
gathered round' for they were crying
and crying.... crying
And it will be 2000 years
A new millennium when He finally
comes back again, we'll have our Jesus
We're talking about Jesus we need,
our Jesus... we're waiting for Jesus
yeshua Jesus... talked about Jesus

~ The Blind Man ~
Written by Gary Matthews
Music by Gary Matthews
Recorded by Gary Matthews
© 2005 BMI All Rights Reserved.

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for internet public performance on
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available on CD Babys website.
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