God's Masterpiece.....

If ever you are lonely
or feel you do not have a friend
Remember God is beside you, until the very end
You see, God made us His masterpiece
One He gives thanks for
He made the miracle of life in Jesus
To go on forevermore

There were times I would sit and wonder
Why we all were born
I thought of the beauty a new born baby gives
God has a plan for us in His great universe
It may not seem so at the time
But this masterpiece of God
Is the miracle of love that He calls mankind

A mother feels it in her baby
Or some feel it in their heart
Yet no matter how it happens
It is there, a mother
Can play her perfect part

We think of a lonely couple who pray to God each night
Wanting their baby as they feel it is their right
Then comes that mother delivering her first
"And she cries..Dear God, thank you for the miracle of birth"

All of us as people, come with just one goal
To make a masterpiece of what God has foretold.
So when you wonder at the stars each night
How God created every one
Realize you too are a promise
And God's work in you is done.

Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

May God's graces abound to you and yours always!

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