Mama, I Love You

Mama, can I sit on your knee
I know you are to far, but you I still see,
I love my brothers and sisters too
Yet I will never forget you.
You gave me life, I love you always
I am sorry, together we could not stay
Mama I would like to sing you a song
Because no matter what happened,
Life goes on.

I say a prayer for Jesus' Mother
She lost her child too
She saw the nails in Jesus hands
She took him down from the cross
I know she understands.

Mama, Mary was a mother, just like you
She gave birth in a manger, that much is true
She gave her son to God
She felt sadness and cried as you
Mama, I do not want you to feel blue.

I kiss your face from far away
Someday we will meet
I will know where you are
My birthdays are your gift to me
You chose to give me life, so I can be.

© 2005 Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
the people's poet

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Music: Remember Me This Way

Sequenced by Jack Hall
Used With Permission