This mother's day is special
For it's your very first
Oh, the wonder you have felt
From the moment you gave birth

Now you are a MOTHER
Beautiful and new
The miracle within your arms
God's gift of love to you

And oh, the joy your baby brings
For all a sweet delight
Watching bloom before your eyes
This precious little life

God bless and guide you Mumma
And give you needed strength
Wisdom, comfort for the times
That tender tears are shed

Essential sleep and consolation
Your every fear to quell...
For at mothering and nurturing
You are the perfect Belle

Soft Whispers for mother's day from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

In your child you paint the
love and beauty of your soul
reflecting who you are
and what is important to you
Your child, the story of your heart

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