Happy Mothers Day Forever

We used to cry, oh my, so tired
the days will never end,
With all there is to do
no rest to find, and little hearts to send
Please play outdoors....
But then,
the door did close with finality,
how could
another time descend.
Now we long for
cozy beds to be unmade
and toys spread across the floor,
those sticky little fingers to paint
patterns on the wall.
And pretty lacy dresses to hang
neatly in their rows,
With pattering feet but flying by
Mummy please re-do my bows,
and the oven warming the kitchen,
with dinners on the go,
And knowing where they were all day,
Every secret ours to know.
On the bench, a daisy to sadly droop
Upon the fridge, a sketch "I did it just for you"
Would you put my hair up Mommy
Can I stay home today, I think I've got the flu.
I need a costume, tomorrow please
It has to be in green,
Can we find something to make a tree
To hide me, so I won't be seen.
No, I couldn't eat my lunch,
because all day my tummy hurt.
Don't make me go tomorrow
I have paint all down my shirt.
Oh, where have all the giggles gone
the fun, the games, the chase,
the smiles of pretty dimples
To gaze with love upon each face.
How slowly I watched them grow,
But then, suddenly
Where did all the precious moments go.
Now all I have is, thank you Father
for the wonder and the blessing
You wanted me to know.
But deep down I snuggle such a comfort
My children I will see always,
When we all, are up in heaven
Once more, will be my joy,
To be with them everyday.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
© 2004 used with permission

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