My Mother's Bouquet,.....

My Mother is my Mom
To me, that is her name,
For my Mother as my own-
Is mine to e'er acclaim.

She knew me, more than I
By listening with her heart,
Her spirit touches me forever
With all she would impart.

I hear her in my laughter,
I see her in my hands,
I feel her in my teardrops-
She is, where I began.

My Mother never leaves me
From her I never part,
She blessed my life with love
To live within my heart.

My Mother gave me roots
From which I draw each day,
Belief, intrinsically of God-
Upon my heart engraved.

My Mother gave me wings
With love, she set me free,
While needing me so much-
She loved, to let me be.

And that, then makes me love
My Mother all the more,
That she could give me life-
For what, I, might explore.

Yes, that's what she foresaw
In her love every day,
To give me life, her beauty -
Mom - I'm living, your bouquet.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems İMay 2012
Poetry From The Heart

Mom- Love finds our kindred spirits,
very special beyond words.
we shall walk in fields of daisies
far beyond this earth

I love you Mother
Happy Mother's day!

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