My daughter, my delightful girl
You mean the world to me,
I will love you forever and a day
So very tenderly.

God gave your precious life to be
A gift from His own heart,
To cherish you with all His care
So in His love you bask.
My darling you're a wondrous pearl
I pray your life is blessed,
Protected in His path of light
So you will know His best.

You're the apple of my eye for aye
Oh, the joy that you impart,
I just can not explain
My eternal love for you, sweetheart.

Soft Whispers for a daughter from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

Dear one, your love has come my way
To take my breath away
God has given to my world
His very precious girl
I see your life filled with His love
Purest blessing from above

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