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Just You And Me

How blessed my life has been
Since your heart-beat joined with mine,
Beyond imagination all we share
As something more to find.

Why God should choose our lives to cross
Is but a miracle of grace,
For as if you were a gift from heaven
His love shines from your face.

No words shall ever tell the joy
Of the treasure we now hold within,
No time or distance shall displace
For you are a chosen friend.

As kindred spirits to be known
My gentle heart is yours to keep,
I think of you lasting forever
In relationship unique.

For an eternal friend you will ever be
I know this you understand,
For I hold you dear within my heart
As in my prayers you stand.

Today I choose to celebrate
You as God's eternal gift of love,
In this everlasting bond you come
For with my heart, you are as one.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2005

My prayer for you
is that God's beautiful Spirit
may continually surround you
and enfold you close within the
tenderness of His wings.

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Just you and me and please share this greeting with your friends and family

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