Let Them Love Me

I guess I shouldn't be so anxious standing here alone-
Today I get my new Mom and Dad - today I'm going home!
God , please let them love me - I will try so hard to be good.
I've never had a Mom and Dad to love me as they should.

God, please don't let them hit me like my other mom used to do-
Or let me go hungry - or cry all night thru.
God , please let them love me - I'm so scared and alone.
My little heart has never known the love I thought was gone.

I never want to go back to the other life I had-
Mom, she drinked alot and Daddy- he was bad.
Both of them would hit me alot - Dad would touch me too-
He would reach and grab me - do things he shouldn't do!

God, please let them love me- my new Mom and Dad-
Give me the love in my life that I've never had.
I've been here for awhile - watched other kids come and go-
Wondering who would want ME- I'm not much , I know!

Finally the day has come - I'm waiting by the door-
Oh PLEASE God, let them love me- I've never had that before.
I'll do anything they ask- I want to be their little girl-
I've always lived in a dark and ice cold world.

Oh God , there's a car coming - I'm so scared, you see-
Oh please, please dear God - let them love me!

Inspirations Online
© 2002 used with permission
Linda Hill

Notice;National Child Abuse Hot line
Call this number for help if you have
been abused, suspect a child or teenager
is being sexually abused, or if you are an abuser.

There are thousands of kids out there
that have been abused and you can help.
This poem really sheds the light
on Child abuse in our society
whether it be sexual, physical, verbal or emotional.
Can you imagine the victims feeling frightened and lonely?
The psychological effects it leaves in a Childs
mind may last a lifetime and is heartbreaking.
You could help by sending this page along.

Please Pray daily for child abuse to wither out
and pray for the safety of our youth.

Please remember to forward if you are

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