Walk Along With Me Lord

Walk Along With Me Lord
Let me walk in Thy grace
Forever with You
Till I see Your Face
Keep holdin` my hand down life's
uncertain street
Grant me Thy favor and
Christ's love so sweet
When satan torments
Causes you to fear and to doubt
Be my guide evermore and
Help me figure it out
Without knowing You care
A lost sheep am I
Walk Along With Me Lord and
We'll make it by and by
Let me shine in Thy light
Let me be what You want
Grant me the wisdom of knowing
Thy will
For I am a babe,
Help me grow in Thy Grace
Walk Along With Me Lord
Don't hide Thy face
Thank You Lord for the day
That I first knew You cared
Thank you for Your mercy
And sweet love You shared
For You died for me,
As well as the rest
Help me, Oh Lord
To give Thee my best.

Inspirational poetry from
Gayle's Garden
© 2005 used with permission
Gayle Alatia

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Walk Along With Me Lord