Memorial Day

For all of our Military past and present
We honor you for keeping America free
All you have endured and all the lives given

We keep you in thoughts and prayers
Knowing you'd rather be home with your families
God Please keep our troops safe from harm
Americans are very patriotic and proud people
We should be considering what our troops endure
Stand up Americans for our troops, and President

In these hard times we should keep Our President in prayers
For decisions are mighty tough for our government officials
Stand proud Americans, we are the best and have the best
Don't ever take freedom for granted it was paid for with a heavy price
We fly our flags proudly throughout these United States
Our military need our respect, our cards, our packages and support

All of these brave men and women enlisted none were drafted
Because they believe in American values, freedom and faith
Faith that Our Lord has protected us from harm

God Bless America today and every day we should never forget!

Joyce Ann Geyer © 2007

Have faith in The Lord; our God will never forsake us,
because we are a country of many faiths, many people.
~ Joyce’s quote ~

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