War is hell,
and its victims never forgotten;
Walls line their photos,
from top to bottom.

Moms, Dads, brothers, sisters, children and wives,
know the cost of sacrifice.
They understand when one is lost in fight,
but, somehow,
it just doesn't seem right.

To lose one so gallant,
brings an aching in the heart;
The photographs, a reminder,
that they shall, for now,
be apart.

One can have peace,
when such an innocent is taken,
and families are always blessed,
when they know their loved one
hasn't been forsaken.

The streets of Heaven
are filled,
by those lost
fighting for the freedoms
somewhere far away,

But those who were lost of God,
are never really lost,
but walking where the enemy
is forever at bay.

May God bless the solders special,
as they enter His domain;
May all of Heaven welcome,
as their names are
acknowledged and proclaimed.

Sandra Lewis Pringle İMay 2012

Psalm 144:1 (KJV)
Blessed be the Lord my strength
which teacheth my hands to war,
and my fingers to fight:

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