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September 11th., 2002

I woke up this morning almost dreading the day
because it is 9-11 and the tears won't go away.
I mourned for the people lost in the attack.
I mourned for the survivors who are forced to look back.
I mourned for my country, felt a weight crushing my heart...
A feeling of heaviness that just wouldn't depart.

I prayed for those people, I prayed for each one
Who must face today with the battle not done.
I prayed for a peace to settle our land,
To take away heartache, to unite us to stand...
For stand together we must and be drawn closer to God.
But our Lord knows each heart and it's so very hard.
It's hard to pray peace and watch destruction take its toll.
But God is still GOD... and HE'S STILL IN CONTROL!

So today with the tears still fresh on my face...
I will pray for each one to feel our Lord's grace.
I will pray for the enemy...yes they need prayer too,
For if they don't come to Jesus, His wrath will pour through.
Through the skies come destruction and their lands will run red
With the blood of their people until the enemy's dead.
Oh, God, comfort our victims, for their pain's taken its toll.

Dorothea K. Barwick

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