Memorial Day Prayer

A prayer solemn
I offer this Memorial Day:
It is for our valiant Veterans
I do humbly pray.

Selfless, sacrificial,
Risking death gallantly -
Soldiers do all this
To ensure I am free.

So many have died
There on the battleground;
No music then to comfort,
Simply gun blasts all around.

So many names and faces
That I will never know;
So many stories of bravery
In warring winds did blow.

Grateful am I to these
Men and Women brave;
I marvel at all they did,
All they risked, all they gave.

Extend this heartfelt prayer
I will, to reach their ears;
How treasured they are to me,
Marching onward despite fears!

And for those who have passed,
May God bless them lavishly,
These very ones who died
So that I would live free.

In the stories of Veterans
I see a shadow of the Cross:
Christ died to set me free,
My gain is through His loss.

Gratefully I praise these heroes,
Often silent and unknown.
And I remember Christís blood
From which eternal life is known.

To those who have fought
There on the battleground,
I pray God's blessings to you
Will eternally abound.

Selfless, sacrificial,
Risking death gallantly -
Yes, you have done all this
To ensure I am free .

A prayer solemn then
I offer this Memorial Day:
It is for you, valiant Veterans,
I now humbly pray.

© Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

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