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911 Remembered

On that fateful Tuesday morning like any other day,
families kissed their loved ones and went off on their way.
Some went to work and others went to school,
none of them knowing the terror, they soon would be cast into.
For hate had already started many months before,
"to destroy their world" and rip out their heart
from a far off distant shore.

Unknown to us in the Middle East, there was an evil man,
that hated liberty and joy and peace, and had devised a plan:
To attack "the Great Satan" as we are called, in the good old USA,
in the center of our financial heart, for our liberty we must pay.
So on that dreadful morning, the sun was rising high,
while four of our own airplanes were hijacked in the sky.
A ransom was not asked for and another place was not desired,
they only wanted to crash those planes, and set our world on fire.

The World Trade Towers and The Pentagon, were the target sites,
and possibly The White House, but some heroes foiled the plight.
Through cell phone calls to loved ones, they learned about New York,
so having said their last goodbyes these heroes went to work.
It wasn't long until they devised a quick and simple plan,
and they would put it into action on Todd Beamer's prompt command.
"Let's roll" the call was given and men leapt from their place,
each one to face the enemy and to die if that's the case.

No one knows exactly when these heroes passing came,
but we all know their plan did work they did divert the plane.
Now in a field in Pennsylvania, although the grass grows tall and green,
history will ne'er forget that fiery awful scene.
And farther east at The Pentagon, though the wall are built again,
no one there will ever forget the day the plane came in.
And in New York City though it's been a while, it will never be the same,
we lost policemen, firemen, family, and friends and will always feel the pain.

But the eagle still flies and the flag still waves,
and Miss Liberty still stands tall
if they thought they could tear our country down,
I'm here to say "their wrong".
For rising from the rubble where the towers once stood,
rose a spirit of unity, resolve, and good.
Cause this is America and we're here to stay,
the land of the free and the home of the brave.

From sea to shining sea and all across the land,
once again we stand united, Americans hand in hand.
So take your best shot if you must, but we surely won't forget,
and that's a promise you can bank on and not an idle threat.

Copyright 2002 Rev. Andy Hollifield

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The Author of the poem
Rev. Andy Hollifield

Copyright 2002 J.& M. All Rights Reserved.